Avant Audiometry Downloads

Download AvantAUD 3.4

Download Tinnometer module

Release Notes

Download complete setup in a ZIP file.

Download UAC Drivers for Windows 10 (or ZIP archive)
Download UAC Drivers for Windows 7/8 (or ZIP archive)
Only for AvantAUD and AvantA2D 1st Gen (serial numbers before the first digit start with 'AD', 'A2D', 'A2DP'.)
Download and run the package, then in Avant software go to File|Advanced Options and choose Install Drivers.
Not required for Avant Stealth+, AvantA2D 2nd gen, AvantARC.
Download HID WDMA Drivers for Windows 7 (or ZIP archive)
Only for rectagular HID-based AUD+, A2D+, and ARC on Windows 7. Not required for any other audiometry device nor operating system.

Download AUDiTEC Sound Samples

Download QuickSIN Sound Samples
Updated package, NOT COMPATIBLE with older AvantAUD 3.1 software!

Download Sound Sensations Audio Samples

Download Rainbow Passage Audio Samples

If you see an error related to missing api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-0.dll, please download and install new Microsoft Universal Runtime package: VC_redist.x86