Avant Audiometry Downloads


This is a unified Audiometry package that works with multiple MedRx audiometers. The software detects appropriate hardware and connects to it automatically.

Legacy MedRx audiometry software will be uninstalled.


Download AvantAUD 3.1


Note: If legacy MedRx audiometry software cannot be uninstalled automatically due to computer policy restrictions, please uninstall manually from Windows Control Panel.

Full CD-ROM image in ISO format (write to disc with any CD burning software)

Download UAC Drivers
Only for AvantAUD and AvantA2D 1st Gen. (serial numbers before the first digit start with 'AD', 'A2D', 'A2DP'.)
Download and run the package, then in Avant software File|Advanced Options choose Install Drivers.
Not required for Avant Stealth+, AvantA2D 2nd Gen., AvantARC.

Download AUDiTEC Sound Samples